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Diaper Cakes
stork cake Our adorable baby diaper cakes continue to be a great gift idea for baby showers and new baby gifts. Each diaper cake begins with a set of newborn disposable diapers like Pampers Swaddlers arranged and tied into a circular shape. Our adept designers use their artistry to fashion these into many innovative designs using various ribbons, materials and decorations.

Once assembled, each diaper cake is adorned with fun and practical things like toys, security blankets, clothing and other baby essentials. As you can see, the result is a veritable showpiece and a useful one to boot!
Select from many sizes, colors and themes for girls and boys. We even have unisex versions for parents who prefer to keep the baby's gender a secret.

We hope you enjoy all of our cute creations. Please let us know if you need help with your shopping or if you have any questions by sending an email through our contact page or by phone at 866-476-0213.

Every diaper cake shown here is guaranteed and, as always, includes free shipping within the Continental U.S.

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